Are Emergency Blankets Waterproof?

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Many people carry emergency blankets whenever they go outdoors. You will understand the significance of emergency blankets if you ever are stranded outdoors.

Are emergency blankets waterproof? Yes, emergency blankets are designed to be waterproof and provide warmth. They feature a metallic surface that keeps them warm and dry and acts as locator beacons for people to find you in case you are lost. 

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Many people include emergency blankets in their first aid and survival kits. Their lightweight and compact nature have made them popular with many outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to understand what to look for when shopping for emergency blankets.

Do Emergency Blankets Keep You Warm?

Also known as, space blankets, emergency blankets are essential staples for first aid personnel and outdoor enthusiasts. Emergency blankets are designed to keep users warm and to prevent hypothermia.

A threefold action enables emergency blankets to keep you warm:

  • The airtight foil prevents heat loss through convection.
  • It prevents heat loss through perspiration and evaporation.
  • Emergency blankets prevent heat loss through thermal radiation.

The design of emergency blankets prevents heat loss in multiple ways. Their impermeable metallic layer prevents radiated heat loss. 

Emergency blankets keep you warm with the heat you generate in many ways. Once wrapped, emergency blankets provide a barrier between the exposed sections of the skin and the environment, which prevents heat loss and keeps the user warm. 

Things to Consider When Buying Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets come in many shapes, sizes, and brands. Consider various factors when shopping for emergency blankets because they are not the same.

Length and Weight

The best emergency blanket should be long enough to cover a 6 feet adult. Most emergency blankets come in a standard length of 82 to 84 inches.

Many emergency blankets measure 52 to 54 inches wide and can be used as groundsheets in an emergency or first aid situation. A lightweight emergency blanket is an ideal option to have on the go. 

For outdoor activities, consider getting an emergency blanket that weighs between 2 and 2.5 ounces. However, it is important to understand that lightweight emergency blankets sacrifice comfort. 


When buying an emergency blanket, consider what material the blanket is made of. Consider choosing emergency blankets made of lightweight and insulating materials. 

Although wool blankets are more comfortable, they can be relatively heavier than other materials. Mylar is a popular emergency blanket material because of its heat retention and lightweight nature. 

Mylar is quite affordable compared to blankets made from other materials. Also, it is compact when folded, which means you can take as many as you want on a camping trip or rescue mission. 


Emergency blankets should keep you relatively warm even in the stormiest of weather. Be sure to choose one that is also waterproof.

One of the ways we lose heat from our bodies is through conduction. A soaked up blanket will cause you to lose heat faster, which makes it unsuitable for use in storms, floods, or tornados. 

An excellent emergency blanket should be made from a material that is 100 percent waterproof. Such a blanket will not only keep you warm, but it will also keep you dry.


When the wind blows on your skin, it carries away surface heat through convection. This is why it can get chilly when it is windy.

Go for emergency blankets with windproof properties. They provide the best insulation against the wind.

Snow and rain are not the only elements that can make you cold. Strong winds can also send you into a hypothermic shock if your body has poor heat retention.


Unfortunately, the most lightweight emergency blankets are not the most durable. Light emergency blankets measuring 12 microns thick or less are likely to last a shorter period. 

When thinking long-term, consider getting emergency blankets that are at least 80 percent wool. Although they are heavy and bulky, they are also more durable.

Top Emergency Blankets For 2020

There are many brands of emergency blankets on the market. Some brands have established a reputation for providing superior products than others. 

When shopping for emergency blankets, be sure to choose ones that fit your requirements. Your local outdoor supplies store should have quality emergency blankets you can buy. 

Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Blanket

This blanket is made of 100 percent Mylar and can come in handy when hiking, camping, running a marathon, or carrying out a rescue mission. 

Don’t Die in the Woods emergency blanket has a 90 percent heat retention rating. This blanket can keep you warm in different weather conditions. 

This emergency blanket features a NASA-approved design. It provides adequate warmth and protection, even in wet or windy environments. 

Don’t Die in the Woods emergency blanket comes in a pack of four. The blankets are double-sided and are large enough for an entire family. Each blanket weighs 2.2 ounces, making it lightweight. Also, the blankets are seven by five feet and suit both adults and kids.

Primacare HB-10 Mylar Emergency Blanket 

Whether you are putting up a survival kit or just want something light to keep you warm when in the woods, this blanket will do. It is made of 100 percent waterproof material. 

This product comes in a pack of 10 blankets, each measuring 52 by 84 inches. All blankets are two-sided to deflect and retain heat.

PrimaCare HB-10 emergency blanket weighs about an ounce, and the total pack weighs 12 ounces. This emergency blanket is versatile and recommended for most outdoor activities. 

Life Bivy Emergency Blanket 

This blanket is part of an emergency kit put together by the company, Go Time Gear. All their emergency survival blankets are made from industry-approved, waterproof material. 

Life Bivy emergency blanket is windproof and waterproof. Also, the blanket is lightweight and will fit snuggly in your GO Time Gear emergency kit. 

With a 90 percent heat retention rating, this emergency blanket provides excellent protection against hypothermia. It features 26um mylar, which is thicker than most mylar blankets on the market, making it incredibly warm. 

Due to its thickness, Life Bivy’s emergency blanket is resistant to wear and tear.

Mylar Men’s Thermal Blanket

Mylar men’s thermal blanket is 100 percent approved for rescue and emergencies. It is lightweight, compact, and provides excellent warmth in cold climates.

This blanket features an aluminized, non-stretching mylar material. It prevents heat loss by radiation, convection, and conduction. 

This blanket is waterproof and windproof. It measures 54 by 84 inches, which provides wrap-around protection against harsh weather elements.

Snugpak Jungle Polyester Emergency Blanket 

This blanket does not have the common features of an emergency blanket. Although it is made of polyester, it has additional heat retention features that might work better than mylar. 

Snugpak Jungle emergency blanket measures 90 by 72 inches. It is oversized enough to wrap around your body when walking or snoozing in cold weather. 

Its high loft fibers provide 100 percent heat insulation against rainy, windy, or stormy weather. Also, polyester is lightweight and compact when folded, making it easier to carry around.

Snugpak jungle polyester emergency blanket features a material with antibacterial properties. It will not develop a bad odor nor harbor parasites that can spread infectious diseases.  

Emergency blankets are designed to keep users warm in rainy, windy, or stormy weather. They prevent heat loss by conduction, convection, or radiation. It is important to consider buying quality emergency blankets. An excellent emergency blanket should be affordable, lightweight, and compact enough to carry around easily. 

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