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Being prepared involves having the necessary supplies on hand for emergencies or disasters. It’s important to keep these supplies in a portable emergency preparedness kit that can be easily carried and used at home or during evacuations.

The 5 Best High-Protein Foods for Emergency Situations!

When was the last time you looked at your emergency pantry? Did you stock it with enough sources of protein? ...
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Survival Food: SPAM

What do you think of whenever you picture the perfect survival food? If you’ve been prepping for a while, you’ll ...
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Best Foods To Store For Emergencies

You’ll never know when an emergency can strike. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a flood, or even a pandemic, the ...
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The five best two-way radios for emergencies

You don’t want to compare a two-way communication you need for survival to the walkie talkie toys you used as ...
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The 21 Best Canned Food for Emergencies

Sudden emergencies like floods, storms, and hurricanes—and long-term ones like the great coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020—all require food stockpiling to ...
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15 Best Battery-Free Flashlights on the Market

It is never too late to pack your survival kit with a battery-free flashlight. As one of your primary tools ...
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