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Survival Food: SPAM

What do you think of whenever you picture the perfect survival food? If you’ve been prepping for a while, you’ll ...
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12 Effective Ways to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

It is far too easy to neglect taking care of your pocket knife and run into the problem of the ...
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Do All Two-Way Radios Work Together?

People use two-way radios for a variety of reasons. When you are in an area with no cell service, it’s ...
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How to Start a Fire with a Taser

If you ever find yourself in a pinch with a taser and need to start a fire, but you don’t ...
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What You’ll Need to Boil Water with a Candle

When it comes to emergency preparedness, boiling water with a candle probably isn’t high on the list of options you’d ...
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Do First Aid Kits Expire? Emergency Supplies Do’s and Dont’s

First aid kits contain crucial equipment for medical emergencies in a wide range of situations.  Whether you have an accident ...
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