man covered in space blanket

Do Space Blankets Keep Things Cold?

Space blankets are a common item found in many emergency preparedness kits because they are small, cheap, light, and useful. Their best-known function is on keeping a subject warm and preventing hypothermia, but you may be wondering if they can serve other purposes.   Do space blankets keep things cold? While a space blanket may slightly aid …

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Do Emergency Blankets Expire?

Almost everyone with a car or a skill for outdoor sports has at least one emergency blanket in their possession. Many of us keep them around in case of an emergency that, only because we are prepared, never happens. So, we start to think about our emergency supplies. Do they expire? How long can they …

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Can A Generator Damage Electronic Devices?

Many people depend heavily on generators to run their electronic devices. With this, it would be extremely problematic if anything happened to your devices. Can a generator damage electronic devices? Inverter generators are safe to use with electronics, but you should be cautious when using non-inverter generators to power electronic devices. This is because inverter …

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