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Being prepared involves having the necessary supplies on hand for emergencies or disasters. It’s important to keep these supplies in a portable emergency preparedness kit that can be easily carried and used at home or during evacuations.

How to buy a fire extinguisher: Top 9 things to look for

Many people forget about the existence of fire extinguishers until they realize they need to use one. When it comes ...
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12 Effective Ways to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

It is far too easy to neglect taking care of your pocket knife and run into the problem of the ...
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Do All Two-Way Radios Work Together?

People use two-way radios for a variety of reasons. When you are in an area with no cell service, it’s ...
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LifeStraw vs. Water Purification Tablets: What Works Better?

If you’re mapping out your supply list for your next big camping, backpacking, or other nomadic adventure, one issue you ...
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The 13 Best Flashlights for Emergencies

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, be it a power outage in your home or perhaps a mishap ...
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Emergency Candles 101: Everything You Need to Know

Making sure you have all the necessary supplies in the event of a disaster is critical for your safety and ...
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